Ten Good Reasons for Not Quitting Your Job

Ten Good Reasons for Not Retiring

I have listed ten good reasons for not quitting your job. I understand that continuing to work is not for everyone but if you like your job, if you’re getting paid well, and your health permits it, you should consider delaying your retirement. Or never retiring at all!

1. Working keeps a source of income coming in allowing you to pay your bills and maintain your life style indefinitely. Not a lot of people understand that retirement is expensive. When you give up your source of a reliable income, you may be giving up living where you want and in the style you want.

2. Working keeps your mind healthy. A mind is like a car. Keep it running hard all the time and it will last longer than a car that runs only occasionally.

3. Working keeps your body healthy. A body is like the same car in the above reason for never retiring.

4. When you work, you have an easier time with major financial endeavors like buying a house, a car, getting a loan, etc. The fact that you’ve got a steady job may make a big difference in whether the answer will be yes or no.

5. When you continue to work, the amount of your Social Security Payments will increase a little each year simply because you’re still paying into the Social Security System.

6. When you continue to work, you keep the sense that you are still a member of the contributors to the common good and not just a parasite doing nothing of value any more.

7. When you continue to work, you keep contact with your work family, the people you talk to, share experiences with, enjoy life with. When you leave work, you lose contact with these people almost instantly.

8. When you continue to work, you keep up with the technology or system changes of the work you have been doing for years. After a few years of retirement, you may be dismayed at how much you have lost of the knowledge that was once part of your life.

9. When you continue to work, you value time off much more than when every day is another holiday. There’s an excellent chance that even though you now have plenty of time do everything you’ve always wanted to do, you’ll do nothing.

10. When you continue to work, you’ll enjoy the extra prestige that you get when you state you still have a job despite the fact that you’re well past retirement age.

There are several conditional benefits of continuing to work. You gain seniority at work, for example which may mean extra privileges for you or extra money, your future pension, if there is one may grow in value, your health insurance, if offered by the company will continue to protect your health, etc.

If it’s right for you, consider continuing to work when retirement time arrives. There a ten good reasons for doing this as listed above. The first three are the most compelling reasons.

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