New Author’s Journal

I started a small publication called New Authors Journal in the mid 80’s when I was employed by RPI. I had been writing short fiction stories and was trying to get some of them published in small presses throughout the country. There were a few small successes but nothing I could rely on so I decided to start my own publication. I called it New Authors Journal because it was supposed to assist in getting new authors published.

The publication was crude at first. It was printed on ordinary 8-1/2 x 11 sheets of paper folded once and staples in the middle. The cover was made of light cover stock. I was able to find some simple art work and put it on the cover. The objective had been two-fold; to assist new authors in getting published and to have a reliable place where I could have my own stories published. I was the editor and always accepted my own work for each issue. At first the periodical was published quarterly. There were only a few hundred copies of the publication made each time and I distributed them to a few places like the authors, themselves, libraries, and friends and to the libraries of various colleges.

As time went by, I was fortunate to obtain competent assistance and the booklet became more and more professional.

Submissions began to come from all over the world and publication was pretty regular at three or four issues a year. Of later times, when I have been engrossed in publishing books on various subjects, the publications have been more erratic but it is still being published on an occasional basis. There are many references to New Authors Journal on the Internet.

I never created a web site for New Authors Journal but I believe its two objectives were and are being met.

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