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I believe mildly in handwriting analysis and have studied it to a small degree. But, as with horoscopes, I sometimes wonder who decided what the characteristics in the handwriting examples mean. It is said, for example, that the more handwriting slopes to the right, the more emotional the person is; the more the handwriting stand upright, the more logical and controlled by the mind. Who decided this?

If the stroke on the letter “t” slopes upward, an analyst will declare the person is optimistic; if downward, pessimistic. I can almost see the logic in this. The same about the slant of the handwriting. If it slopes upward, the individual has an optimistic outlook on life; downward, pessimistic. Makes sense.

If handwriting slopes to the left, the person is self-centered and selfish. I don’t like to believe that one. One of the women I was most fond of had this kind of writing and I didn’t see that quality in her. There have to be exceptions.

Sometimes, the personnel in a human resources department will check the the handwriting of a job applicant. It is said that dishonesty can be detected in handwriting. I tend to believe this. I also believe that criminal traits can be discerned from handwriting. But, I can’t help but think of the exceptions. I wonder how many persons did not get the job because they were deemed to have traits that involved dishonesty or criminality.

My experience with handwriting is not extensive enough to allow me to do readings of the handwritings of real people. If someone asked me to do this, I’d reveal only the good qualities I see. This might lead to some humorous readings. For example, if all I saw were criminal properties, all I might say was that the writer had used a good quality pen.

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