Memory Aid

There have been amazing feats of memorization documented.  There are some individuals, for example that can memorize the entire contents of a telephone book.  Others can memorize and recite from memory hundreds of thousands of digits.  One individual claims he can recite thirty million digits of Pi.  He’s been tested and he has not been debunked yet.

This article discusses memorization.  I can’t suggest any way to improve how you can memorize anything.  I’m not especially good at memorization.

There are ways that one can use tricks for helping your memory.  I did not invent any tricks but I did modify one that I personally use.  That trick involves the memorization of ten words.  Those words and why they exist are show below:

1.  wand        This word sounds like the word one.
2.  tooth        Sounds like the word two.
3.  tree        Sounds like the word three.
4.  fork        Sounds like the word four.
5.  fire        Sounds like the word five.
6.  silk        Sounds like the word six.
7.  set        Sounds like the word seven.
8.  AT&T stock    Sounds like the word eight.
9.  knife        Sounds like the word nine.
19.  tent        Sounds like the word ten.

Now, if you need to memorize ten items to purchase at the store, you need to associate each of these words in an outrageous way with the item.  For example, if the first item are eggs, you need to associate the word wand with eggs in an ridiculous way.  One example would be to imagine a magician waving a wand.  Stuck at the end of the wand is an egg.  Regardless of how hard he waves the want, he can’t dislodge the egg.

If some of the other items are bread, cheese, milk, butter, etc., you need to do the same with the words two, three, four, five, etc.

You may need to remember to do something.  The same list can be used.  For example, you need to write a birthday poem for your wife.  You can associate this with wand, but if that word has already been used with tooth, etc.  An example would be that you are reciting the poem to your wife.  She is smiling with happiness and you are shocked to see that her front tooth is missing.  The more you recite, the wider is her smile and the larger is the tooth gap.

Here is a test for you.  How would you associate the word fork with salad dressing?  You need to exercise your imagination.  You know what each item looks like.  Link the two words in a ridiculous way.  I can think of a way but I won’t spoil your fun by stating it here.

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