Treatment for Athlete’s Foot

After I had completed Radio School at Camp Crowder in Missouri in 1944, I was taking a refresher course in Basic Training.  I encountered a severe case of Athlete’s Foot.  Nothing I tried seemed to help.

Ted, a buddy, suggested I use the ointment in a prophylactics kit.  He felt that if I applied this stuff on several successive days, the problem would go away.  The kits were available from the Supply Sergeant at no cost.

“How do I say to ask for this,” I said to Ted.

“Simply say you want some kits,” he responded.  “There will be no problem?”

Sounded simple enough.  The Supply Sergeant’s station was only a short walk away and I went there during a break on the following day.  The sergeant was working near the counter.  I caught his attention and said, “Sergeant, I’d like some prophylactic kits.


“Yes, about six, sir.”


“Yes, that should be enough.”

“When were you planning on using these?”

“This weekend, Sergeant.”

Without anything further, he turned and traveled to the supply shelves,  returning in a few seconds with several small boxes.  Plopping them on the counter, he exclaimed, “Here you are, soldier, six prophylactic kits.  Have a great time!”


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