The True Value of Money

It seems to me that some people have no concept as to the real value of money. They use it in much the same way that one consumes a fancy dessert after a dining. The money is there; it promises to give pleasure in being spent; therefore it is spent.

When the money is gone, these people work in order to get more money and be able to do some more spending at a later time. Sadly, some of this spending becomes a debt on a credit card but that’s another topic.

I like to think of money and the use of it as was taught in the New Testament in the parable of the prodigal son.
In biblical times, people would often keep at least one piece of livestock that was fed a special diet to fatten it up, thus making it more flavorful when prepared as a meal. Slaughtering this animal was to be done on rare and special occasions. Thus when the prodigal son returns, the father “kills the fatted calf” to show that the celebration is out of the ordinary.
The value of a dollar does not remain constant at all times. In times when inflation is rampant, it loses value; in times when it is invested wisely, it grows in value. I suggest that you treat a dollar the same way that you would treat a fatted calf. Invest it wisely, then use it for a special purpose on rare and special occasions.

Some special occasions are to start a new business, to make down payment on the purchase of a home, to send a child off to college, and, of course, when it comes time to retire. There are other occasions; some occurring at unexpected times. And the time to start fattening the calf is not when you and the calf are middle aged but in your youth, when you obtain your very first calf.

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