Remaining Contemporary

Retiring from your job is expensive. You may feel that it is important that you remain on the job for, at least, a little longer.

It behooves you to retain a contemporary appearance. You don’t want to be known as that old man or woman who sits in the corner taking up space..

To retain your contemporary status, there are actions that you need to take well before you begin your additional time with the company. The following are the ones I think are required; there may be more. What follows is important whether or not you eventually continue to work; they are important to keep you healthy and active well into later years.

1. Control your weight. You don’t need to carry needless burdens around with you when you remain on the job.

2. Maintain your health. Don’t smoke. If you don’t smoke now, don’t start. If you do, quit. Avoid addictions of all kinds.

3. Protect your skin. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun.

4. Provide adequate attention to your hair. There is nothing wrong with enhancing its color if needed. There is nothing wrong with purchasing some if you’re shy of an appropriate quantity.

5. I think a little light cosmetic work may be all right. Avoid taking on an artificial appearance.

6. Dress in keeping with the standards in your company.

7. Participate with activities in keeping with the standards in your company.

8. Resist volunteering comparisons with the way things are being done currently with the way things used to be.

9. Carry your share of responsibilities, more if you can manage it.

10. Remain courteous and friendly in your demeanor. Exhibit a sense of humor.

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