Of Average Intelligence

It’s my opinion that there are not a great many persons who are more intelligent than the general average of persons. From time to time you’ll hear someone brag about having an IQ of 150, 175, etc. I feel that anyone who does this is really revealing a lack of intelligence.

If someone seems brighter than someone else, I believe the reason is that the person has had more experiences in life with a larger variety of tasks and educational courses. He or she may be an avid reader of books and articles or watch more educational TV programs. If it were possible to measure innate intelligence, and I don’t believe it is, it might be found that this person is no more intelligence than average run of humans.

One person may have a much larger vocabulary than another. This might make it appear that the person is intelligent. We think using words and mental images. The person who’s ability to use these tools with a greater degree than others may be able to display what appears to be more intelligence. Basically, however, the person may have an intrinsic intelligence like most everyone else.

There is no denying, however, that a few individuals in our society are savants; that is a person with extraordinary abilities. For example, one individual may be able to solve complex mathematical problems in a flash; another may be able to repeat a musical selection on a piano after having heard it once. There are others who can do these kinds of things and even more marvelous ones. I believe these persons have brains that are wired differently from those of other people. They have tapped into a power that perhaps all of us have but don’t know how to use. I would not state that these persons are more intelligent than most; I would suggest that they are using a part of their brain that is unknown to the rest of us.

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