Writing About the Stock Market

One who writes a book on a given subject becomes an instant authority on that subject whether it is deserved or not.

I’ve written two books on this subject but don’t consider myself an authority since investing in the stock market is not a science. It’s an art and many efforts that I have made in mastering this art have not been successful. My only claim to having some knowledge and skill is that I’ve been buying and selling stock for almost sixty years. One gains a certain amount of expertise by osmosis.

In the sixties, I wrote a book that was published by Investor’s Press. This was entitled A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Investing in the Stock Market. I sold a respectable number of copies but it was never a best seller. I used the book in teaching some courses at Schenectady County Community College in the at about the time the book was published. At present the book is out of print. I have only one copy at home.

At about the same time I was teaching courses on investing, I was running a column in the Saratogian, a Saratoga periodical. This was entitled Sensible Investing. I saved some of the clippings from this endeavor and have them at home somewhere. The column ran for about a year or so. After a while, I ran out of things to say about the stock market. In the column, I did not advise people what to buy. I simply gave advice on how to select stocks. My column was for persons who were conservative and wanted to invest for long term.

The second book I wrote on this subject was in 1995. I self-published a small book entitled Investing For Retirement. I have not made a diligent effort to sell it.

I make it a practice not to advise people what to buy. The reason is that every time I have given advice of this sort, I’ve always been wrong. One of the persons who purchased Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream was losing money with this stock and told me so. I bought her out giving her what she had paid for the stock. Ironically, the stock went up while I owned it and returned a sizable profit when Ben and Jerry’s was bought out by another company.

Luckily, the individual mentioned above did not call me demanding the profit.

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  1. Derek Wyatt says:

    Is there any hope at all of obtaining a copy of your 1969 book?

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