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The Purchase of a 1937 Packard Linousine

In 1953 I had just purchased a 1951 Packard four-door sedan and was enjoying it very much. One day, when I brought it to be serviced at the Packard dealership, the service man told me that a Mrs. Arthur Usher … Continue reading

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Nod Efeek

At The American Locomotive Company, I became friends with an older man named Don Keefe. He may have been 40 while I was 23 but we were friendly enough to enjoy conversations. He had been working on writing a novel … Continue reading

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A Country-Wide Innovation Contest

Other nations may have more people than we have and they may have more money with which to enhance their economy. Even more education. But other countries don’t have something we have, which is freedom. In our country, we can … Continue reading

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Handwriting Analysis

WWO Hobbies Handwriting Analysis I believe mildly in handwriting analysis and have studied it to a small degree. But, as with horoscopes, I sometimes wonder who decided what the characteristics in the handwriting examples mean. It is said, for example, … Continue reading

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Interest in Numbers

I’ve been interested in math all my life but I’m not what is commonly understood as being a mathematician. I like numbers but mainly for their entertainment and useful benefits. As a child, I once computed all possible fractional values … Continue reading

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